19 March 2014

Horse's Neck

Title: Horse's Neck
Rating: 1/5
Mix Puzzle 1

The final variety that comprises a big chunk of these puzzles mixes the sum and product puzzles.  Some regions require a given sum be achieved, while others require a given product.  The notation + and * before the number indicate which operation is relevant for a given region.  

You may also notice as more puzzles are posted that the titles for these "mix" puzzles have more meaning than those for sum or product puzzles.  Names of these puzzles (and the color schemes) were inspired by mixed drinks.  The official rules:
  • The digits 1 through 9 appear in each row and each column exactly once.
  • Digits in each shaded region must add to the indicated sum (denoted by +) or multiply to the indicated product (denoted by *).   
  • Squares with multiple colors contain a number that’s used in the sum/product for adjacent regions of each of those colors.  
  • Remember: numbers can repeat within a shaded region if that repetition doesn't violate the first rule.

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