25 February 2015


Title: Balloon
Rating: 1/5

If only to showcase that the mild alteration from the last sum puzzle wouldn't always lead to something very very hard, I offer this week's puzzle, which may be cause for celebration at its ease.  But remember: don't forget about the last rule from the list below.

The official rules:

  • The digits 1 through 9 appear in each row and each column exactly once.
  • Digits in each shaded region must add to the indicated sum.   
  • Squares with multiple colors contain a number that’s used in the sum for adjacent regions of each of those colors.
  • Remember: numbers can repeat within a shaded region if that doesn't violate the first rule.
  • Each number that appears in the eight starting cells is the average of the entries in the edge-adjacent four cells (e.g., the 7 in row 3, column 2 (denoted (3,2)) is the average of the entries in cells (3,1), (3,3), (2,2), and (4,2)).

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