11 March 2015

Four Score

Title: Four Score
Rating: 1/5 

Not a reference to the Gettysburg address, but rather created as a celebration of Churchill's 80th, this drink is a mix of Brandy, Lillet, and Yellow Chartreuse, garnished with lemon.  It's also among the easiest puzzles you'll see on this blog.  After just getting done with spring break here, that seems perfectly appropriate.

The official rules:

  • The digits 1 through 9 appear in each row and each column exactly once.
  • Digits in each shaded region must add to the indicated sum (denoted by +) or multiply to the indicated product (denoted by *).   
  • Squares with multiple colors contain a number that’s used in the sum/product for adjacent regions of each of those colors.  
  • Remember: numbers can repeat within a shaded region if that repetition doesn't violate the first rule.

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