18 November 2015

Frame Job

Title: Frame Job
Rating: 3/5

It may be easier to see without the colors, but the shapes of the regions in this week's puzzle are meant to convey a picture, matted and framed.  As has happened before, there are certain cells that belong to intersecting regions, namely those cells in positions (3,5), (5,3), (5,7), and (7,5).  The colors of these cells is the average of the colors of the horizontal and vertical regions that intersect there.

The official rules:

  • The digits 1 through 9 appear in each row and each column exactly once.
  • Digits in each shaded region must add to the indicated sum.   
  • Squares with multiple colors contain a number that’s used in the sum for adjacent regions of each of those colors.
  • Remember: numbers can repeat within a shaded region if that doesn't violate the first rule. 

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